“Document Verification Pending” In PAYTM After KYC Done | Solution


Are you one of them who open Paytm App, click on Paytm payment bank, enter the passcode and get this type of screen in which you see:-

Paytm Payments Bank passcode set

Nominee details updated

Document verification pending

document verification pending

Then definitely I will help you in sorting out this type of problem. After completion of the KYC verification process, usually, there are so many people who face this drawback of PAYTM.

Document Verification Pending” Problem Solved With These Steps:-

  1. Open Paytm App
  2. Click on ‘Passbook’ option
  3. Now click on ‘Paytm Payments Bank’
  4. ’24/7 help’ from help & FAQ’s section
  5. Choose ‘Saving Account’
  6. Tap on ‘issue with my savings account’ from facing some other problems?
  7. Choose ‘I am unable to open a new saving account’
  8. ‘Message us’ from issue not solved section
  9. Now describe your problem in the given field. Simply you can write here following lines-
Hello Sir/Madam,
It has been a long since I got KYC done. But when I click on Paytm payments bank then it is showing “Document Verification Pending”. Please tell me what should I do to open a saving bank account with Paytm.

Now click on the send button. A reply will be sent to you from Paytm executive within 2-4 hours and your bank account will be opened within 24 Hours from creating tickets.

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Conclusion: I have told you the best way in the respect of your query about document verification pending in Paytm. Even I also went through this. so I can say it is 100% verified.


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