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Are you curious about learning the English language? do you belong from Sikar? Then you are in the right place. Here I will provide you the phone number of Sikar’s most famous English training academy “Hi-Tech Focus”.

better english better life - focus sikar


Better English Better Life

Phone Number To Contact With Them:

Address to reach “Hi-Tech Focus”

Oppo. S.K. College,

Near Badri Vihar,

Sikar, Rajasthan

Focus Fee Structure

The fee may vary. You can ask them for the current fee structure

Registration Fee:1000 (Non-Refundable)-
O+A Level Fee (Spoken English Course):6000 rupeesDuration: 75 days
O+A+B Leve (Complete Course Including all above)l:8000 rupeesDuration: 120 days

Course Material

  1. ‘O’ Level Book
  2. ‘A’ Level Book
  3. Daily Practice Booklet
  4. Audio-Video Material
  5. Bag
  6. Others
“Many people think that they can’t speak English, In fact, English is not the problem. The thinking that they can’t speak English is the problem. This awareness itself is the solution.”
phone number - focus english academy
Essential-Level 'O'Enhanced Level 'A'Eludicator Level 'B'
Building an essential vocabularyEnglish UsageManaging difficult conversations
Sentence conversionFunctional GrammerCommunication exercise
Neutralization practiceCompound and complex sentence constructionPersonality enhancement
Simple questions and answersIdioms and phrasesBusiness communication
-Telephone etiquettesGrammer for correspondence
-Making short speechesGoal setting
Presentation of short ideasResume builder
-Giving and seeking adviceInterview technuques
-Situational conversionCase studies
--Voice and accent
--Intonation and modulation
--Rhetoric Skills

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