PIN Code [Postal Code] Of SEWAD CHHOTI, Sikar, RJ

Sewad Chhoti is a small village. It is located in the Sikar district which comes in Rajasthan state. Here, You will know Pincode of Sewad Chhoti & also other details like Tehsil, post office, etc.

What is the Pincode of Sewad Chhoti, Sikar?

The Pincode of Sewad Chhoti is 332041.

In which district and state Sewad Chhoti is situated?

Sewad Chhoti is situated in Sikar district and in Rajasthan state.

pin code - sewad chhoti

Pincode of Sewad Chhoti

Village Sewad Chhoti
Pincode 332041
District Sikar
StateRajasthan (RJ)
STD Code01572
Local Language Marvadi & Hindi (Speaks English also)
Post OfficeSewad Bari

Current Time & Date in Sewad Chhoti

#Pincode stands for Personal Identification Number. It is also known as Postal code or Zipcode. This code is used to identify a locality or person address.

Every locality has different postal codes so it becomes easy and convenient to send any post from one address to another address.

#Pincode contains 6 digits. Its first 2 digits represent the state, the next 2 digits represent district & the last 2 digits represent post office.

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